Air Cooled Unit

Air Cooled Units are available in all basic configurations:
- Forced- and induced-draft air flow
- Horizontal and vertical airflow
- Multiple bay and multiple bundle configurations
- Symmetrical or non-symmetrical layout
- Sloped bundle for condensers

Enhancement of the heat transfer can be achieved with:
- Low-finned and high-finned tubes
- Tube inserts (twisted tapes or matrix elements)

Optionally the following accessories are available:
- Louvers
- Electrical heaters (for winterization)
- Vibration switches
- VSDS (variable speed drive system)
- Ladders&Walkways 

Wetted pressure parts are available in all common materials. In general the constructional parts are hot dip galvanized C-steel.

In consultation with the client we always aim for the most efficient and cost effective design.
Please send your inquiry or request for information to find out the possibilities